Friday, September 18, 2009

Folsom Street Fair

This is me painted in latex my first year at the Fair
(click for more )

Folsom Street Fair was my very first experience ever with a public BDSM event. It celebrates the end of Leather Pride Week in San Francisco, but the kink world has really incorporated itself over the years. It has been going on for more than 25 yrs! They donate funds to help several local charities with the proceeds collected, and really support the community.

My first time was in 2004, and I am very saddend that I am missing my 6th year, 2009, due to a recent surgery I had. I just dont think I am up for the festivities this year *cries*

Along with Folsom Street Fair, is Folsom Fringe - While the fair is a 1 day event in San Francisco, Fringe is a hotel event, in San Jose. It usually last 3 days and was always held at the DoubleTree until this year they moved to a new location. I think with the economy there was a much smaller demand/expected turn out. Fringe has always offered some great classes, awesome vendors and presenters ( 2 of my FAVORITES are Arcane, from Arcanes Attic and Domina, from The Frugal Domme).

Its really a fabulous fun filled event for either the weekend, or just making it our Sunday to the Fair!!

Another fun part of the weekend is the Dungeon Party at The Citadel ~ Its a great time, and always plenty of "watching" to do - wonderful scenes, beautiful eye candy and leather, always a good time!! Dont skip this part of you come our for the Fair but have to miss Fringe!!

If you stumble upon this, and recognize me as someone you have photographed over the years at the event(s) - PLEASE - email me some pics! 100s have been taken over the 5 years, but only 1 person ever offered me copies ( and wanted to charge me lots of money for them- jerk! )

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