Wednesday, May 27, 2009

HNT - a subspace moment

*sighs happy*
definitely on the top of "all time subspace moments"
Miss J had the most lovely leather chair and ottoman,
It would give me such a submissive rush
to kneel at her feet while she sat in it...
The D/s energy exchanged between us was amazing.

i read about many submissives who ask
"how do i reach subspace" -
i think its different for everyone, its a feeling of
"aaaaaah yes", a feeling of freedom,
a feeling of pleasure and existence,
brought on with someone we trust

i think my HNT shows it all *smiles*
a subspace moment i will treasure always ~

(click for "before" shot )


Monday, May 25, 2009

Cherry Lifesavers ...

Currently I have a LDR with my Mistress, but am fortunate enough to get to visit with, and attend several events with Her throughout the year.

Before my visits, Mistress likes to put me on "restriction" - no masturbating, and no orgasms, for a pre-determined number of days prior to the visit.

Each time i want to masturbate, every time i think about touching myself, making myself cum .. i string a cherry lifesaver *grins*

i then present the strand of lifesavers to Mistress, and she finds a way to enjoy each one!!

here is a pic someone took of me at Folsom Street Fair of me, i noticed later that i had my "Folsom Fringe" name tag on and i had strung my lifesavers on there during some fun restriction activities the day before *heh* ( they were dirty and couldnt be eaten but the "thought" was enjoyed still! )

It little but you can see the red hanging on my chest