Thursday, June 18, 2009

HNT - captured!

This was my first rope scene, at my first public event,
The Ohio Leather Fest, in 2005

My Mistress had made arrangements for some
others to put me into the spider web - i was VERY excited!

Some things had come up with the "Tyer uppers" and next thing
we know it was about 12am and we all decided to call
it a night, after a very long day.

I was already in bed, make up washed off, when there
was a knock on the hotel room door - if i wanted to get up
i could still be tied up! My Ms and Sir had the same knock
on their door and we decided to get up and go do it!

The 2 who tied me were new, their Mistress instructed -
it took almost 3 hours ( yes way too long LOL )
but was totally worth it when done!

My Mistress had to keep adjusting the "love knot" -
being new and inexperienced, they cinched the middle to tight

At one point Sir my panties were cut off me and Sir
quite delightfully gagged me with them!