Friday, December 25, 2009

YAY It's present opening time!

I waited and waited and finally its here!

I get to open my presents!

I received this from mom on Black Friday
It's from The Next Millennium
Our favorite Magic Shoppe in town!!

Some presents didnt make it in the mail
on time, but we will do this again next week,
when they do arrive YAY!!

There is a previous post which shows
the first present I opened, another Faery from Mom!

Merry Christmas and Magical Holiday Wishes!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Yule! Opening my 1st Solstice / Yule prezzie of 2009

YAY! I've been waiting all week to open presents!!

Im only starting with 1 at midnight ...

It's from mom!

She used pretty paper

YAY I know its going to be a Faery!
(and yes, I am opeing a gift naked!)

OH She is very cool!!

Sitting in the palm of a hand
with a cute lil creature!


more to come!

Im Dreaming of a White Christmas .. and a giant egg?

YUP! Here we go again!
This is actually pretty rare for us..
I think between the 2 storms is more snow
that we have had in a few years combined!

They started with a 6-10 inch prediction
then it turned into 10-14
and now anywhere from 10-20 inches!

Will do another in the morning to see with more light!

and here it is!

White Christmas
aprox 7:45am Dec 25, 2009

You can see on the railing the build up is deeper
from Video 1 to Video 2

more to come in a few hours
Its not supposed to stop for 24-48 more hours!

This is 3 hours later - 10:45am
and the Christmas Egg!

last for today!
It's about 5pmish Christmas Day Just before Dark
It stopped snowing for a few hours but started up again!

The best thing about this White Christmas Storm of 2009
I volunteered to work Christmas Eve and Day
but guess what - they had to close the office because of all the snow!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS from Mother Nature to PIXIE!!

HNT ~ Merry Christmas!

Magical Holiday Wishes
Love ~ the kinky pixie ~