Thursday, October 28, 2010

HNT ~ PIXIE's Birthday!

So yes I was doing my 12 days of vacation series, when low and behold my BIRTHDAY fell upon HNT DAY!!

12 years ago today "pixie" was released into the "real world" This was one of my 1st pictures back when the transformation was taking place.  I really knew nothing about the "lifestyle" and was just playing dress up at a party (my 1st orgy party!)

pixie 1998
Several months before, I had discovered a new chat room, "submissives". I wandered in looking for kinky cyber sex, and found a whole new world. One that spoke to me, one that I related to and seem to flawlessly understand. One that I could learn and grow and achieve "meness" in.

I decided I wanted a new ID to embark on this great new adventure, this new lifestyle. I spent days trying to come up with one, when on the 27th OCT I had a dream .. about me, a pixie in wildflowers ... sparkling effortlessly along this path.

when I woke up the 28th remembering it all, I quickly jumped onto yahoo and created my new persona "pixie_in_wildflowers"

LOL and you all know whats happened from there!!

"Pixie's Rock" 


Just think next year Ill be a TEENAGER - then you all better look out!!!

and because its Halloween Weekend YAY here are a couple 
pixie halloween pics too!
pixie 2007
Vegas 2005

Vegas 2007

Vegas 2007