Wednesday, August 19, 2009

HNT - pixie and her soapy bubbles

i am a bit of an exhibitionist
and made a promise to a special twitter
friend i would take a pic for her while i was
enjoying the soapy bubbles!

It turned out rather nicely for HNT this week too :)

This is a story i wrote many a year ago, i honest didnt
proof read it, i just saw it had shower in the title LOL

As I walked through the front door I called out, Sir but didn’t get a response.
Stepping through the house, I wandered upstairs, and upon entering the
bedroom, I could hear the shower running – aha – that is where he is!

I suddenly became aroused and my head began to spin with
naughty thoughts. Quickly I undressed, hoping he would not
finish before I got in there. Opening the bathroom door
, I peeked around the corner to see if you were looking ..

You were not at that moment, but I had barely stepped in when our
eyes made contact .. a smile came across both our faces.

Without missing a beat I fell to my hands and knees and
began crawling to the shower door, I was already so excited
I was beginning to feel the moisture forming between my thighs.
As I reached You, I kneel up, placing my hands to the door
not wanting You to open it … yet.

The glass is has begun steaming and I press my breast to door
after swiping little spots clear with my fingertips.

Then pressing my lips .. little kisses … letting my tongue slide
and tease at Your cock on the other side. I begin
sliding my body up along the door .. pressing myself tight ..
letting You take in the view through the steaming wetness of the door …

Your hands are wandering .. pressing along the glass, tracing my silouhette ..
I reach up and play with my nipples, teasing because I know You
want to touch and can not … my arousal is overwhelming ..
and I begin to make love to You through the door.

You immediately follow my lead and the energy becomes so intense,
I just wanted to fuck You right through the glass …
Overwhelmed in the excitement building between us my hand reaches
down .. grasping, stroking, playing with my swelling treasure, feeling it ache
with desire and passion , I can almost barely stand it anymore ….

I am soooo close …. and I hear Your voice .. nooo .. stop … pixie … not yet ……
I suck a breath in, pressing all my weight into the door, trying to listen ..
I can see You’ve placed Your hands to push to door open
and I force my quivering self to step back and You pull me
into the shower with You .. for a moment just pressing our bodies together,
embraced in a kiss, the warmth of the water beating down between
us I again feel the arousal tugging deep within me.

Hands wandering over our bodies, I can feel Your cock hard and pressing
against me … oh god how I wanted You so bad right now …
my hands grasp into Your ass and pull You hard closer to
me as I grind my pussy into You … yes omg I need You now ..

You whisper what a good girl I am as You are spinning me around,
guiding my hands to the shaving bench, bending me over …
and as if we never had to stop and open the door,
You took me …all the passion and energy that had been
building through the glass suddenly made contact and connected,
I cried out a sigh of pleasure and ecstasy and my body trembled …
tipping my head back, catching droplets of the splattering water …
my pussy ached and grasped around Your cock as
You pounded into me … I could feel Your hands

grabbing me, pulling me back against You ..
You cock so hard and slamming into me … the pleases begin firing past my
lips, I can barely breath I am so overcome in lust when
I finally hear it through both of our moans and gasping breaths …

now pixie .. oh yes now pixie … panting gasping screaming
breaths are let go as our both are ripped with orgasmic

waves of pleasure ….. ohgodohgodohgaayeeees …
my fingers clawing desperately at the tile as my body tries to regain

control from the shuddering tremors running through us …
as we start to breathe again, You pull me close to You and

we embrace in a kiss .. I look up at You and smile, and You whisper .. welcome home .