Thursday, June 11, 2009

HNT - Strapless

This was pixie at the 2004 AVN Awards in Las Vegas NV

My bestest boytoy at the time, we called him "Sven" and i went to the
awards show quite excited. i had packed the perfect outfit
and YAY it was finally time to go!

We got to the airport and "Sven" says - um pixie -
i flipped around thinking my boytoy had forgotten our tickets!!
WORSE!! He had forgotten the garmet bag!!!!

That bag had my dress, his suit and both our shoes!

I figured we would just head into a Pennys or somewhere
reasonable and nice and pick up something that would "do"

We ended up at The Stratosphere, a little shop called Danielle's
i picked up that amazing red dress
Sven got the sexiest shirt and pants, with socks and shoes too!
the kicker is, it was on sale and/or clearance
we walked out spending 99.01 - TOTAL!

Everyone at the awards show gets to walk "the red carpet" -
it was really exciting as people lined up and down the
red carpet to get pics and reach out to touch porn stars
They had no idea Sven and Pixie were not porn stars,
so all sorts of poeple asked us to stop so they could get our pictures
it was so awesome lol