Thursday, October 29, 2009

HNT ~ Halloween!

2007 Las Vegas
Halloween Fetish Ball

Several friends went as Alice in Wonderland
I was going to be Alice, but at the last minute our
Queen of Hearts could not attend ... So I put this together!

I used the white stocking as they had the "suits" on the sides :)

a short that came to my head one day ....

as I laid in the tan bed day dreaming, soaking up the warmth i barely noticed that the

lid the to the bed had been lifted....before I realized what was going on a hand was

over my mouth..i made a muffled cry and instinctively tried to move my hands to

cover my naked flesh...the movement was in vain as his weight was already pressing

down on me...i suddenly became more afraid that the glass bed wouldn't hold ... as i

started to struggle more i heard Your voice whispering in my ear to be still .. i still

squirmed and "struggled" but was swept up in the excitement of Your game, instead

of fear ... almost as quickly as it had all started i felt Your cock sliding deep into my

pussy, now aching and grasping to pull You in .... You hand has never left my

mouth, i whimper "protesting" moans of pleasure through my gasping breath as You

thrust over and over, faster, harder .. taking me for Your own pleasure ... my every

breath is filled with the scent of leather from Your gloved hand, my mouth and lips

are filled with its taste .. the eyewear has kept me blind, though ive heard Your voice,

there is still that slight sense of unknowing panic of being taken .. what if this IS a

stranger .. omg .. my body is quivering and trembling, pooling pleasures begging

from within ... suddenly i feel Your hand tighten over my mouth, Your body crushing

against mine, burying Your cock deep as it spasms in release against my wet walls

.... as i feel You begin to pull away, my body aches and wants to follow but You are

already giving orders for me not to move, not to say a word ... i feel weightless, yet

heavy, searching for my breath ... my mouth free, i cant help but whisper please ...

but You are gone .. the lid closed back on the bed, i am left wondering, lost in

pleasure, as the remaining minutes ticking away

Happy HNT Halloween!