Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Do you carry business cards?

6 yrs ago I started attending Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco CA ( for more details see my previous blog post! ) and one of the things i so enjoy about the fair is I get to be the exhibitionist I truly am inside. I do several outfit changes through out the day, sometimes even having the pleasure of dancing in the streets naked! The best part in that is people are taking me picture from all over, all day long. Most ask, but with aprox. 400,000 people cameras and vidoes are being shot continuously. I was always bummed in the following weeks because I wanted to SEE the all the pictures that were being taken!!

After the 2nd year at the fair, a dear friend suggested we get business cards. Besides the Fair, there are several events we attend through out the year, and we are always meeting and introducing ourselves, and everyone is adding emails to their cell phones, or still digging for pen and paper! The business cards were a FABULOUS idea! I could had them out to as many people as possible taking my pictures. Not only my email is on them, but I added my website and my yahoo ID ( and on my recent order added my twitter ID as well! )

We quickly set out exploring all our options for design as well as cost - ultimately we were happiest with Overnight Prints - They had not only lots of design options available, but a great tool allowing you to create your own design and of course the best feature was cost, there is always some excellent deal going on. Just 2 weeks ago there was a 40% promo I got in on and was able to order 1000 new card w/shipping for only $33.00!!

I received my cards, got a cute business card holder, and the cards have been a huge success, every one loves them, and the idea! I pass them out everywhere :)

Here is a pic of my cards right from the building tool - I just love the pink fuzzy handcuffs I was able to use for the background!