Thursday, December 10, 2009

HNT ~ Stocking Stuffer

(click photo for surprise)

I was a stocking stuffer in 2000
It was part of a submissive photo session
I did for my Mistress

Happy Holiday HNT :)


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Blizzard December 2009

This was after a few light hours of snow overnight
and through the mid-morning
Aprox 10am
(click pics for larger image)

Aprox 11am

Shortly after 12noon
It was starting to come down heavier!

This was not much after 1pm

Then I took a little nap
This was not much after 530pm

Around 1am it turned into the Blizzard
when winds picked up to 40-50MPH

And this is the morning aftermath
aprox 815am

It figures we get the blizzard on my day off!
I might get away with calling in tonight, lil Ms Miata
might not be able to make it through whats left tonight!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Have you been naughty or nice?? Come tell Santa Fet about it!

Have you been naughty or nice this year?
Come sit on Santa's lap and tell'm what you want!!

Our FAVORITE Kinky Social Networking site, FETLIFE,
is giving away 218 kinky presents, worth almost $25,0000!!!!!

Don't Miss Out!!

yes .. I decided to play holiday this year

This was the start! I had to go down to the garage
and pull some bins and boxes out of the storage closet
Thank Goodess they supply us with shopping carts!

I got stuck going through the door
Had to go around in the other door and pull the cart in

YAY we made it into the elevator!

Starting to unpack ..

and putting together my "Tinkerbell" tree -
I call it that because of the color!

YAY the lights work!
(and um Ms Mazzy cat does too! )

and the stockings were hung by the
TV Stand with care ....
in hopes that St Nicholas soon would be there!

Almost to the finish!

Last year to manys dismay I did absolutely
nothing to celebrate the holidays. Most who have
known me awhile know that normally I am the
geeky girl out with her santa hat and
bells on out shopping the day after Thanksgiving,
and putting my up my real tree soon after ...

but, last year I was just not any where
near that frame of mind. To be honest even
after I dug everything out this year I still wasnt sure
I was in that frame of mind .. I am still thinking about having
to put it all away again LOL but I did it ..

I am going to try and find some christmas solstice
holiday cheer this year ( yes, even if it kills me!)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The 1st video was so fun I had to another .. of me!

yeah ok I wanted to play a sec more to see if
i could get it to work again .. still sideways i think but
ill work on that later :)

First (sucessful) video taken with my PalmPre ** WARNING - there is pussy licking **

Meet @MsMazzyCat *giggles* taking a morning bath!

so video recording on the palm pre doesn't work 100%
of the time. However, it's a HomeBrew App I just LOVE
and certainly not complaining! THANKS goes out to developers!!

It keeps a white screen when I am recording and
I had no idea I even captured this! *giggles*

I didnt feel like rummaging through the new
laptop to find something to edit it being sideways
but hey .. its still pretty cool :)