Monday, December 7, 2009

yes .. I decided to play holiday this year

This was the start! I had to go down to the garage
and pull some bins and boxes out of the storage closet
Thank Goodess they supply us with shopping carts!

I got stuck going through the door
Had to go around in the other door and pull the cart in

YAY we made it into the elevator!

Starting to unpack ..

and putting together my "Tinkerbell" tree -
I call it that because of the color!

YAY the lights work!
(and um Ms Mazzy cat does too! )

and the stockings were hung by the
TV Stand with care ....
in hopes that St Nicholas soon would be there!

Almost to the finish!

Last year to manys dismay I did absolutely
nothing to celebrate the holidays. Most who have
known me awhile know that normally I am the
geeky girl out with her santa hat and
bells on out shopping the day after Thanksgiving,
and putting my up my real tree soon after ...

but, last year I was just not any where
near that frame of mind. To be honest even
after I dug everything out this year I still wasnt sure
I was in that frame of mind .. I am still thinking about having
to put it all away again LOL but I did it ..

I am going to try and find some christmas solstice
holiday cheer this year ( yes, even if it kills me!)


  1. Its beautiful Pixie! I only like small happy trees that have feeling and yours fits the bill absolutely ♥

  2. Pretty! I particularly like the working cat. Although it seemed as though it could have used more decorations. Maybe from the ears?

  3. Oh cool, what a great idea.
    And Alien Kitty sits stares :)