Thursday, October 22, 2009

HNT ~ Sexy Halloween Pixie

Studio 54 Halloween Party 2007
Las Vegas, NV

For fun I am throwing in a little story, completely un Halloween related,
but something I thought you might enjoy none the less ~ giggles ~

I lead you into the bedroom by Your hand, excitement racing through the air over the evenings events we have planned as a surprise. As we walk in you see the room lit with candles. At the end of the bed where there is normally Your and Mistresses locked toy chest, there is now a chair, which i lead You over to sit in. i rest my hands on the arms of the chair and lean in close to give passionate kiss .. that i pull away from abruptly with a soft giggle in my breath. As if by magic, just before i speak a very soft music has begun playing in the room, and my body has begin to sway to softly to, to match its beat, my hands drifting along the fabric of my dress .. stomach.. hips .. thighs. When i can tell Your gaze has moved from mine to my hands, i break the moment and lean close again, whispering to You, now Sir, smiling playfully, our Lady has asked me to instruct You that until i say otherwise, Your hands are to remain in Your lap, Your sides .. where ever You need to keep them, so that You are not so inclined to touch me. i will be touching You, You just ..cant touch back.

i cant help but put out another soft giggle as You seem most intrigued by why is going on ... and You nod agreement to the request, yes pixie, no touching. i teasingly stick my tongue out to lick your lips catching Your words in my mouth as our tongues meet, inviting another, longer kiss before you feel me putting a finger on your chest, and i step back. i smile as i hear the whimper in your breath, feeling the sigh in your chest against my fingertips as i begin to trace around the buttons of your shirt. unbuttoning them... one .. by .. one but shaking my head no as you begin to shift to take it off .. my hand presses to your bare chest feeling your heartbeat pounding against it, and slowly i begin to walk to your side, hand tracing up across your shoulder, to your back, where i can stand behind you.

Placing both hands on your shoulders, i lean in to snuggle your neck, nuzzling warm kisses, blowing warm breaths across your flesh, my hands begin to slide down along your chest, reaching under Your open shirt to your bare flesh. Fingers massaging, caressing just slightly into your flesh until i make my way down to the button of your jeans ... i swear i can feel the heat of your excitement right through the fabric and this sends a twinge through my already aching treasure. i am suddenly very aware of my own wetness. My teeth gently nibble your earlobe as i fiddle with the button .. teasing as if i cant get it undone. Instinctively you reach to help and i pull back from you, i has been hoping that what You would do

uh uh uhhhh .. i see Your hands immediately go back to Your sides, but i have already stepped around and am standing in front of You again ,swaying, dancing ... teasing Your eyes with every move as my hands trace along my body. For the first time, really giving you focus to see what i am wearing. Your favorite little black dress. Silk stockings with the seam up the back, just as You always ask me to wear. I had even taken You so off guard asking You to come into the bedroom a moment with me that You hadnt noticed i was standing taller in my stiletto heels.. Yes, here i was looking quite the sexy one dancing before You .. slowly .. teasing ..wanting to bring every inch of Your flesh alive. Again, when i am sure i have Your gaze and attention, I turn my back to you, and reach up to unzip my dress, letting it just slide off my shoulders...dancing a moment and letting You take in all the curves as they sway with the music. i wiggle slightly allowing the dress to slide down my entire body, revealing yet another favorite, my black velvet bra and panties, i turn with a flirty glimmer in my eyes and kick my dress up into Your lap.

Standing before You know in just my stockings, garter bra and panties i let my hands wander and tease across my body, bringing myself close to You, peeking my nipples out of the bra soooo close to Your Your lips before hiding them away again, tugging and pulling at my panties, offering more little teasing glimpses, making Your mind run wild with excitement.
Stepping closer You i straddle myself across Your lap, reaching and pulling the dress to the floor as i do. i again begin to focus my fingers on the button of the jeans, while teasing you with offered kisses that are pulled away and offered back again, sometimes letting my tongue reach out for Yours. As i feel the button begin to free itself i swallow Your breath in a deep kiss, completely distracting You that i have also slid the zipper down. i reach up and begin caressing Your chest again, grinding against Your lap, teasing unmercifully, enjoying feeling Your struggle to keep Your hands under Your lap and not touch ... as our tongues are dancing lost in the sweetness of the kiss i do reach for Your hands, and then slide back to bring You standing with me ...

tipping my head with a curious smile, knowing i am going to toy with You some more, i ask .. are enjoying Yourself, Sir ... but i press my fingers to Your lips and stop any words and just giggle softly some more. Pressing and swaying my body against Yours, gazing into Your eyes i begin a trail of kisses down your chest .. little kicks, little nibbles, the essence of Your flesh sending shivers through me as my lips press tenderly against You - 1 here- 1 here - 1 here. i can feel you trembling with each contact i make,
the energy from Your body feeling like it would explode with every touch of my lips. My hands pull from yours, fingertips grazing along your sides, enough pressure not to tickle, just tease and make You want ...

As i kiss lower ... and lower ... i can feel You tense when my tongue reaches out and i begin to lick along the band of Your shorts, my hands begin sliding down within the edges of Your jeans ...sliding evertyhing off as as least distractingly as possible, i am taking delight in not once touching what You wanted me to touch most of all .. Your now hard throbbing cock. I could hear the need in Your breath, every inch of Your flesh was alive and tingling, like electricity to my fingertips and lips. i slide up Your body, pressing my body close, wrapping my hands to Your back to pull us even tighter and sink into a kiss ...i can feel Your cock pressing, rubbing, twitching in anticipation against my velvet panties and know Your hands wont be able to resist long, so i push You back into the chair and whisper You didnt think it would happen this soon did You?? a playful giggle passes my lips as i begin to dance before You yet again.

Reaching back i reach to unhook my bra and allow my arms to hold it close to keep from revealing my heaving breast, the straps slide just off my shoulders, as i turn my back to You, slowly dancing, keeping Your gaze as the moisture on my flesh highlights each curve of my swaying body. i know You are just squirming in Your chair and finally i turn back to You, mmmmmm i know You are so waiting for this bra to come off, leaning in towards You a little, letting You see my heaving cleavage aching to be free .. then letting it fall to rest on Your cock as it slides off me .. i reach and gently for a second pat Your hands so You know i want You to leave it there as i step away to continue teasing You with the entrancing sway of body before ...

i sink to my knees and begin to crawl towards You, Your eyes are lit up with so much energy its like they are glowing with the candles.. as i reach Your toes i begin to kiss and lick and tease with my mouth, making my way up to Your knees, reaching to part Your thighs, running my hands along the tops of Your legs as my kisses and licks are slowly getting closer and closer .. i first blow a soft breath along Your cock, watching it twitch in anticipation .. making ... You ... wait ... just .. a ... second ... longer ... i run my tongue along my lips, knowing Your eyes are set upon my mouth, i think You may even be holding Your breath ... i shift just slightly and to take You by surprise, slip the head of Your cock into my mouth, sucking just very very gently ... holding very still .. listening to and feeling Your every reaction and letting them pass through Your body before i let my tongue begin to roll in little mouth is overwhelemed in pleasure, desire is pooling in the pit of my stomach and aching to be released while i begin to swallow Your cock between my lips .. savoring, worshipping , bathing every inch with my tongue. Moaning and humming, taking Your cock over and over in my mouth ..

all this while You have had no idea that Lady was behind You, on the bed watching every moment, She as slid down to the edge of the bed now, You feel Her hands caressing Your chest .. She is whispering to You how She has enjoyed watching You not touch, how She has enjoyed watching You enjoy being pleasured ... i bring my gaze up to Mistresses eyes, both of us knowing You are so close ... She nods at me (
and this is where the phone rang!!!!!))) and grasp my hand around Your cock, slowly sliding my tongue and mouth away .. stealing licks as i continue to massage Your hardness within my grasping fingers, leaning back ... hearing the air suddenly break with a gasping groan of pleasure from Your heavy breath i lean back slightly, feeling the warm gush of Your cum spray across my chest ....