Thursday, May 20, 2010

HNT ~ Happy Anniversary!

SOOOO this week is the 5 yr Anniversary of HNT!!!

Happens to be my 1 yr Anniversary in HNT as well!!!

To keep with the Anniversary Theme this week,
we were asked to post our very 1st HNT

This was mine, May 14, 2009

I couldnt re-create it for a today shot,
as 1, I am not at the Fair, and 2, the clothes
are packed from the move still lol


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy 13th Anniversary ,,,

Yes .. can you believe it, 13 yrs ago, in Las Vegas, my boyfriend of 5 yrs and I were married.

Just before christmas in 1995 we had went ring shopping. I picked a pretty ring :) I found a band I wanted, but picked the diamond separate. Im not really a diamond kinda girl lol so I picked a 1/2 carat quality over a bigger stone less quality. They had to send the 2 rings out to have the stone removed from one band and put into the one I wanted.

Now every year we have been doing a christmas eve party at his parents house, which was a Friday night this year. I thought for certain he was going to do a romantic proposal as part of christmas ..right?! No .. as we were getting ready for the party he said, do you want to wear your ring .. I said, huh? He said .. I picked up your ring today, do you want to wear it to the party? I said yes thinking he was only kidding .. that he would say I had to wait, but no, he was tossing the box at me :| .. Yeah that was my big romantic marriage proposal (NOT!)

it turned out the store made a mistake and gave us both ring bands, even though I only paid for the one I wanted .. that was a bonus lol

2 yrs later, in 1997, April, my future mother in law called me at work ( I was a travel agent!) and said hey will you price out this trip for me and hubby and blah blah blah for May. Now my BFs mom has like 16, 17 some brothers and sisters .. big irish catholic family ... several family members were going.

That night I got home from work and informed my BF that his mom and dad and so and so were going to Vegas in May and he says, well hey, we should go with them and get married .. and I said, OK! and thats what we did :)

When we were outside for the 1st time in Vegas, not long after getting off the plane and getting our bags, I stood there holding my arms out to the sun and I said to everyone .. omg, its the sun, someday I am going to live here! (and that was my goal for almost 11 yrs, then it became Arizona, where I finally made it march 1, 2010!)

We had suites reversed at Palace Station ... the room had floor to ceiling bay windows, its was a stunning view. Our very 1st stop besides checking in, was MGM Grand ( where we subsequently stayed on all future trips ) ... Future hubby put 3.00 into a slot machine and we hit a $1000.00 Jackpot - it made for a most fabulous wedding and trip to Vegas!! We also in all our excitment of 1st trips to Vegas, lost our car in the parking lot. Late, tired, exhausted to a point of tears, we walked a parking garage for over an hour ... we NEVER forgot where the car was parked again LOL

The sad ending to the story is ( or the best part depending on how you look at it!) is that in Feb 2008, less than 1 yr after we were married, i left him ... on my birthday none the less. It's a much longer story but it had to be done. The "good part" is about a yr later, pixie was brought to life :)


(all my pictures are packed and in storage but someday when I come across them again I will upload them!)

oh yeah PS .. we are still married even though I left, because I do not want to pay for the divorce, if anyone wants to donate or volunteer their efforts to getting me a divorce .. please do! lol