Thursday, November 11, 2010

HNT ~ 12 Day Series 2

YAAAY a couple other HNT weeks got in the way, but here is some more of my 12 day trip!

After New Mexico, I headed to LA!  My 2 favorite website people were going to be there, John Baku, who was going to be on The Rev Mel show!!!  I thought, well, why fly back home, when 3 days later I needed to be in San Francisco for Folsom Fair and Folsom Fringe ... so I flew to LA, was a guest in the studio for the show, and the next day drove up the Pacific Coast Hwy to San Fran!

This is a stop I made, maybe an hour into the drive -

I had to park and run across the street -

Fog and clouds went on for a long time ...

I missed the shot, but in Malibu I saw

Hold on to your hat..



Driving her Pink Mitsubishi ...

but finally there was some sun again!

This is about 5 hours into the drive lol 

Now you are going but HEY .. where is the good stuff?!

Well here you go!!!  This is most of my black and red

The skirt here is really a dress, but is too big for me on top!

The bra here, and the garter and rose petal skirt below,
were a valentines present from my Mistress!

The wings cant be seen good, but they
are something special I picked up
in Santa Cruz a few years ago.

Ive always wanted to go to Santa Cruz,
since seeing the movie "Lost Boys", to see the boardwalk!

I was SO excited when we decided to
go a Monday after Folsom Fair - only to find
the Boardwalk closed for the season,
the day before!!

I've still not seen the Boardwalk! lol

This is another favorite, and a gift from the same Mistress.
It has really cool silver/black lace wings - though we have never 
figured out how to attach them LOL

Its the same cape I used for my Kinky Pixie at Halloween!



Thursday, November 4, 2010


Yes Yes I know ... yet another week I am skipping the next series of my 12 Day Trip! BUUUUUT!!!

I won the Halloween Contest at our local Dungeon, APEX (Arizona Power Exchange), and so *grins* have to share my costume!!

I went as The Kinky Pixie (of course!!)  


Thursday, October 28, 2010

HNT ~ PIXIE's Birthday!

So yes I was doing my 12 days of vacation series, when low and behold my BIRTHDAY fell upon HNT DAY!!

12 years ago today "pixie" was released into the "real world" This was one of my 1st pictures back when the transformation was taking place.  I really knew nothing about the "lifestyle" and was just playing dress up at a party (my 1st orgy party!)

pixie 1998
Several months before, I had discovered a new chat room, "submissives". I wandered in looking for kinky cyber sex, and found a whole new world. One that spoke to me, one that I related to and seem to flawlessly understand. One that I could learn and grow and achieve "meness" in.

I decided I wanted a new ID to embark on this great new adventure, this new lifestyle. I spent days trying to come up with one, when on the 27th OCT I had a dream .. about me, a pixie in wildflowers ... sparkling effortlessly along this path.

when I woke up the 28th remembering it all, I quickly jumped onto yahoo and created my new persona "pixie_in_wildflowers"

LOL and you all know whats happened from there!!

"Pixie's Rock" 


Just think next year Ill be a TEENAGER - then you all better look out!!!

and because its Halloween Weekend YAY here are a couple 
pixie halloween pics too!
pixie 2007
Vegas 2005

Vegas 2007

Vegas 2007


Thursday, October 21, 2010

HNT ~ 12 Day Series 1

Soooooo I know, I keep forgetting HNT DAY!!  I took that fabulous 12 day vacation, that included 3 plane trips, 10 hours driving, and 4 amazing events...Its taken me this long to recover! lol I have SO many awesome shots that were taken during the trip, its hard to know where to start, so I will do a series every HNT Day until we see them all!

 We will start with Evolution of the Revolution!  WOW!  That was an amazing event!! Although somewhat unprepared and not able to fully "glam out", I was able to do a fun photo shoot with the Amazing "Alibi

The event was held in Albuquerque New Mexico, at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino ... and it was a top notch deal! This was the 1st year for EvoRevo and there is no doubt I will attend the 2nd event in 2011 as well!!

Halloween 2005 I was attending a play party in Vegas, and decided to be a kitty! While out looking for kitty ears, I found this amazing pink wig and fell (oddly enough) in love with it!!

It was the beginning of what has turned into a "pink fetish"!

The hot pink leather and chains top is from "Taboo Leather"

  Ok .. for some reason I can not seem 
to get the clicky click to link to pictures
so click here instead lol



Friday, October 15, 2010

Rare storm in Arizona!

SO While I was away on my 12 days whirlwind vacation (future post on that coming up!) we had a rare storm in Arizona - for only the 4th time in recorded history, a tropical depression made its way through.  I missed it - and was glad lol

The week I came home however .. something else struck! It was a warm sunny day ( like everyday here!) when suddenly I noticed it was getting dark out ... and within minutes the wind was WHIPPING away .. I thought, hmm, it might rain  (I was told in mid Sept that we probably wouldnt see rain again until like FEB!! WRONG!)

Next thing I know, the most wicked storm
Ive probably ever encountered struck!

As you can see, winds were so high,
our cabana blew over!! We were lucky though,
it didnt blow AWAY!

There was
lots of hail!!

I made a "hailball" 

10-15 minutes later ...

sunny blue skies again!

so we thought!

20 minutes later

it looked dark again

This is what we got the 2nd time around!
This lasted another 10-15 minutes!
No pics but it flipped our fence over!
Surpisingly though, this storm was 
not as bad as the 1st one!!

Some of the debris and toppled trees the next day!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Sept 17-19th the New Mexico Fetlife members held their 1st Conference, Evolution of the Revolution, which we quickly all dubbed "EVOREVO".  They hosted a fabulous weekend of presenters, vendors and play space!

One of the vendors for the event was a photographer, Alibi, and I was able to FINALLY get a photo shoot done in my fetish wear!!  The same photographer was at Thunder, and it was passed on to him that I said "shoot, I missed them again, I never get any pics in my fetish stuff"!  So he came and introduced himself and made sure I knew he was available and would love to take my pictures :)

I do not have the pictures yet :)  but he did forward one to me to use for an AV on some sites ... it's so cute!!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

HNT ~ little black dress

MsMakesmeGiddy and I like to play scissor clothes ..
most of the dresses used come from Goodwill, of thrift stores,
  where we pay less than 5.00!  

A couple weeks ago I came across a dress that I feel in love with ... 
and wont let her cut up!!!





These are some shots taken at Dungeon Corp, in Van Nuys, CA Sept 2010

Coming up you can see my favorite new pair of CFM Heels!
Purchased on clearance for 5.00!  I love shopping!

She says if I piss her off




Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Light at the end of the tunnel ....

When the year started out getting fired Jan 7th,  car broke into a few days later, and one stupid ridiculous life altering event after another was happening ... I thought, what the hell life, are you serious????  At the same time, the "tragic" things happening, were all leading down a road of positive things to come .. I just needed help finding the right path!

At the beginning of the tunnel I wasnt sure there was even any light to find .. Im not sure I even wanted there to be light, maybe I could disappear into the darkness and just be done.  Some days I dont think I have the strength, mentally, emotionally or physically to keep trudging along .. and the Universe will place that "help" I need before me.

Sometimes the tunnel has multiple paths .. and there is a shimmering dim light that pulls us one way, only to find it wasnt light,  maybe just some sparkles on the wall .. and we have to back track to the opening again to find the "real light" ..  but when you do see that light, its always brilliant and amazing, it makes us grateful we held out and kept trudging along to find it

I hope everyone has been trudging along and finding their way down the path to their light and thank you to everyone who has been my guidance and help as I continue down mine!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

HNT ~ my blue cauk

So went to LA last weekend to attend a fund raiser for the American Red Cross in memory of 3 prominent members of the local lifestyle community who passed away recently.  It was a lot of fun!!

After that we went to Lair DeSade and MsMakesmeGiddy has some fun with me and scissor clothes!!

During the scene she decided to tie a few pieces of the cut strands together ...

When I stood up ... the "knot" feel to the font and OMG I HAD A BLUE COCK!!!!


 I played with it for hours ... lol



Wednesday, September 1, 2010

HNT ~ This piece looks tender ...

We have the dearest friend in the world who comes over to give me, and Ms Makes me Giddy, a massage almost every week .. this week I was treated to a lavender vanilla sugar scrub too!!!

Ms Makes me Giddy thought scraping the sugar off with a butcher knife would be FUN! *grins*

After a bit of play from the past weekend, I had some lovely marks and She said "this looks like a tender piece!"



Thursday, August 19, 2010

HNT ~ sushi

Sushi Anyone?
So yeaaaah OK maybe this should have been submitted to the "Other HNT" ~ giggles ~ but I forgot yet again that it was even HNT DAY, and we just took this shot and knew you would all love it :)



Friday, August 13, 2010

HNT ~ more LA

So I really did enjoy my trip to LA, outside of BDSM Pride Day events! We saw lots of cool touristy things!! lol

These were just some randomness at Santa Monica Beach and Pier.

It was cloudy, and the water was FREEZING! LOL but I still had lots of fun! Route 66 ends at the pier .. I had not known that before!

The pier was a lot of fun though .. we had chili cheese fries and a coney dog! There are even rides there too!!

Happy HNT!