Thursday, June 17, 2010

HNT ~ scissor clothes

This has to be in the top of "all time favorite scenes"

"Scissor Clothes!" - we found this amazing red sparkly sexy dress for 3.00 at GoodWill - Our eyes lit up with excitement (and hers with devious ideas!)
She started early in the day just teasing me .. it turned into a 12 hour scene lol

we went to the mall shopping and she found a cute lil ring that flips open and she immediately knew she would put tiger balm into it!  The tease started at that moment! Once home and ring filled, the "torment" began *grins* 

Several hours later at the party, we were sitting on the couch and while randomly talking to people she pulled out her knife *GRINS*, reached up my dress and 1st cut away the "nipples" from the under layer -and I had worn my bells too so now I jingled even more!  ~ the cutting went on randomly through out the evening!

It was just SO hot!!!


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Monday, June 14, 2010

My first Arizona Scorpion ...

So over this past weekend we came home late one night from a party. 2am, tired, but hungry .. I head into the kitchen (darn it I wasnt driving I couldnt have just stopped at Taco Bell! giggles!) 

I had immediately noticed, when the light came on, that there was a "spot" on the ceiling. Now, to be honest .. I didnt even consider this could be a scorpion for 2 reasons, 1 - it was on the ceiling!!! and 2, it looked like an orangeish smudge .... I really didnt think anything of it at all ....

The roommates came into the kitchen and we were all talking and I made my way over to the fridge - right pretty much under the spot I had noticed, so .. I looked up ...

and screamed OMG IT'S A SCORPION!!!!  

1 roommate - from a distance, said "oh damn its a little one too"  - I, in a panicked voice, was thinking - small = baby = MANY!  I had Scorpions as pets in an aquarium many yrs ago, and when they had babies, there were lots and lots born!!!  My heart was racing!!

During all this, roommate 2 was already looking for a means of which to remove said scorpion from the ceiling ... they used an empty cat food tin and a piece or cardboard/paper and it worked!!

The scorpion was promptly flushed down the toliet ... AND I was informed it was a full grown, not a baby, and I didnt need to freak about that part anymore .. from where roommate 1 was standing, it only looked teeney!

Unfortunately I was too freaked to think to get a picture!!! All the while I was thinking that Scorpions couldnt, or at least not easily, climb ..especially up to the ceiling to hang upside down! EEPS

I've been reading about them now, apparently some species of them are excellent climbers ... *sighs*

Im sure this wont be my last experience with the scorpions!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wanting to want ...

This is dilemma in one form or another that I think happens to every submissive/slave/bottom ... wanting to do something to please a Dominant, that is outside our comfort zone, or as far as against our limits. There are limits meant to be pushed, tested, tried out ... right?   It's not rhetorical, the answer is yes ... I can't believe for any of us committed to our lifestyle, that we haven't come across SOMETHING that we would do, even if we didnt really want to.

What happens when that "something" becomes a want. a desire. a craving. a ... need? I say need but I think the "need" is to please and serve, not the act itself being "needed".

For me recently this "something" is ... hold your breath and be sure you are sitting down ... pain.  Now no, I am not saying I want to turn into a pain slut. Far from it I swear lol .. but lately, someone who can be sadistic, has been toying with my limits and I find myself wanting to want to like pain .. just a little.

They like whips and needles and just in general, hand contact... spanking, slapping (not the face!), pinching poking..any of that kind of stuff. It even excited them to no end when they were treated to a rubber band shooting gun ... they begged me to be the target but I simply had to refuse, knowing my own limits. What gets me is .. this want to want it. I desperately want to stand in front of the rubber bands!!

I do love scissor clothes / Knife play scenes ... and the pic above is a recent scene I did with this person. It was an all day tease and hours of cutting up the sexy dress .. there was also some lovely spanking and slapping my of thighs, legs, ass, pussy ... and at one point they said to me "You dont really like all this part of it, the slapping, do you, you like the "look at me" part", right?"

Now already I have been floating in sub space for hours .. my head though immediately goes into ADD mode with 10 different replies running through my head ...

omg yes i do love it


um yeah ok it does kinda sting a little in a not so like way


please dont stop

Do I want them to keep "hurting" me for my own pleasure, or because I know its giving them the pleasure, or for both those reasons .. what is my pleasure in it? the pleasing? the knowing everyone is watching?

it did kinda get stingy and hurt ... i know that with my chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia I am gonna hurt tomorrow ...


oh please don't stop

Yeah now I am arguing with my head over this want to want to hurt .. I want to let them do things to me for their own pleasure, which is turn feeds my emotional need to serve ... but ... do I really want to hurt, to achieve that need being filled??????

I dunno .. I guess we just keep taking each day and see what happens and what limits get tested teased and pushed *smiles*