Thursday, June 17, 2010

HNT ~ scissor clothes

This has to be in the top of "all time favorite scenes"

"Scissor Clothes!" - we found this amazing red sparkly sexy dress for 3.00 at GoodWill - Our eyes lit up with excitement (and hers with devious ideas!)
She started early in the day just teasing me .. it turned into a 12 hour scene lol

we went to the mall shopping and she found a cute lil ring that flips open and she immediately knew she would put tiger balm into it!  The tease started at that moment! Once home and ring filled, the "torment" began *grins* 

Several hours later at the party, we were sitting on the couch and while randomly talking to people she pulled out her knife *GRINS*, reached up my dress and 1st cut away the "nipples" from the under layer -and I had worn my bells too so now I jingled even more!  ~ the cutting went on randomly through out the evening!

It was just SO hot!!!


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  1. love the way the slabs of cloth frame dat luscious azz of yours ;)


  2. Hot doesn't begin to describe this! I only wish I had video of the scene ♥ Happy HNT lover! ~xo

  3. WOW, yes, seriously hot :-D

    Happy HNT!

  4. Great pic! Very sexy!

    Happy HNT