Monday, June 14, 2010

My first Arizona Scorpion ...

So over this past weekend we came home late one night from a party. 2am, tired, but hungry .. I head into the kitchen (darn it I wasnt driving I couldnt have just stopped at Taco Bell! giggles!) 

I had immediately noticed, when the light came on, that there was a "spot" on the ceiling. Now, to be honest .. I didnt even consider this could be a scorpion for 2 reasons, 1 - it was on the ceiling!!! and 2, it looked like an orangeish smudge .... I really didnt think anything of it at all ....

The roommates came into the kitchen and we were all talking and I made my way over to the fridge - right pretty much under the spot I had noticed, so .. I looked up ...

and screamed OMG IT'S A SCORPION!!!!  

1 roommate - from a distance, said "oh damn its a little one too"  - I, in a panicked voice, was thinking - small = baby = MANY!  I had Scorpions as pets in an aquarium many yrs ago, and when they had babies, there were lots and lots born!!!  My heart was racing!!

During all this, roommate 2 was already looking for a means of which to remove said scorpion from the ceiling ... they used an empty cat food tin and a piece or cardboard/paper and it worked!!

The scorpion was promptly flushed down the toliet ... AND I was informed it was a full grown, not a baby, and I didnt need to freak about that part anymore .. from where roommate 1 was standing, it only looked teeney!

Unfortunately I was too freaked to think to get a picture!!! All the while I was thinking that Scorpions couldnt, or at least not easily, climb ..especially up to the ceiling to hang upside down! EEPS

I've been reading about them now, apparently some species of them are excellent climbers ... *sighs*

Im sure this wont be my last experience with the scorpions!!

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