Thursday, November 11, 2010

HNT ~ 12 Day Series 2

YAAAY a couple other HNT weeks got in the way, but here is some more of my 12 day trip!

After New Mexico, I headed to LA!  My 2 favorite website people were going to be there, John Baku, who was going to be on The Rev Mel show!!!  I thought, well, why fly back home, when 3 days later I needed to be in San Francisco for Folsom Fair and Folsom Fringe ... so I flew to LA, was a guest in the studio for the show, and the next day drove up the Pacific Coast Hwy to San Fran!

This is a stop I made, maybe an hour into the drive -

I had to park and run across the street -

Fog and clouds went on for a long time ...

I missed the shot, but in Malibu I saw

Hold on to your hat..



Driving her Pink Mitsubishi ...

but finally there was some sun again!

This is about 5 hours into the drive lol 

Now you are going but HEY .. where is the good stuff?!

Well here you go!!!  This is most of my black and red

The skirt here is really a dress, but is too big for me on top!

The bra here, and the garter and rose petal skirt below,
were a valentines present from my Mistress!

The wings cant be seen good, but they
are something special I picked up
in Santa Cruz a few years ago.

Ive always wanted to go to Santa Cruz,
since seeing the movie "Lost Boys", to see the boardwalk!

I was SO excited when we decided to
go a Monday after Folsom Fair - only to find
the Boardwalk closed for the season,
the day before!!

I've still not seen the Boardwalk! lol

This is another favorite, and a gift from the same Mistress.
It has really cool silver/black lace wings - though we have never 
figured out how to attach them LOL

Its the same cape I used for my Kinky Pixie at Halloween!