Tuesday, April 13, 2010

HNT ~ sunbathing!

Thought we'd enjoy another shot of the
naked sunbathing now that we have the cabana built :)

I posted this early so a few only saw my legs ;)
be sure and check out the clicky click!



naked sunbathing has arrived!

This is how we started ..

This is the first time in my life Ive hads
a yard available where a pixie could lay out
NAKED in the sun! WOOHOOO

um yeah ..
except 1 side of our fence is wooden
and rickety and has peek through spots ...
On the other side of the fence is a 17yr old girl...
who rides the short bus (enough said, right?!)

There is a brick wall on another side ...
those kids peek over by jumping on their trampoline!

We decided a few weeks ago to put in some post
and build a temp cabana type deal ...

We had lots of ideas in our head but wasnt really
sure how/what we would do ..

If you follow my blog you know a few days ago
we went out and found some fabric ..
turns out to be shower curtain material lol
We got 25 yards ( yeah that is 75 feet!)
for only 1.00 a yard!!

Sir of the house did all the sewing of hems,
(you also all know what happened last time they put a tool in my hands!)

and created lil tabby-things to add down the sides
I did hold the fabric from falling off the table *grins*
and turned the tabs right side out after hemming hehe

Yesterday we got all the holes measured and drilled
and put in the eye hooks and put it up to test!!


It will be a pain to take it up and down,
but for non-creative me I think it turned out pretty damn well!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Miss "Makes me Giddy" got me again

SOOOOO this past weekend was Bizarre Bazaar at APEX and it was amazing fun! It's a big day where the community comes together to support our lifestyle and our space...

During the day there was lots of awesome vendors, a cook out (YUM!) , a fashion show that yes, yours truly participated in (omg I was so shy and scared! but it was fun!), a raffle and auction took place (no damn it, i spent 20.00 on tkts and won nothin! *pouts* but the roomies did!) and of course the best part of it all was the late night play party. Well, ok it wasnt the BEST part .. the best part was really getting to see everyone. There are so many people Ive come to cherish and adore in this community over the years and its wonderful to have so many of us in one place at one time.

ok ok, well wait, that was all really great.. but the BEST BEST part was my scene *grins* for many reasons, it was a scene that I have been waiting to have, for a long time now. "The One who makes me giddy" had kinda thrown out to me the day before the event that maybe Her and I would have a chance to play at the party. I got excited! However, there have been a couple other times that it has been talked about for other parties, and just do to life circumstances, we never actually got to do it. I knew the Bazaar would be a long day and with her recent surgery could take its toll on her and we might not get to play by the time the party rolled around (which was perfectly ok!!)

During the day events at the Bazaar I kinda got to be "in service" to Her ...it wasnt "official" that I was in service, but as I always do, I was at Her beck and call .. and today she "accepted" it and would say all the things that make a girl swoon in delight, and tell people what a good girl I was...it was very, very nice. Just that part of the day alone was enough to keep my head floating in "subspace".

Because the day was long, and running "longer" ( I swear the clock jumped from 3 to 7pm in a blink of my eyes!) and we were all getting tired, we tried to put together a "home" party instead of heading back out to the Dungeon, but in the end thats exactly where we all ended up ...

During the week we had met a lovely male sub, new to the area and I think to the lifestyle as well .. I knew there was a possibility that She wanted to do a scene with him as well, and I wanted to make sure that 1) She only did as much as she was really up for and 2) that She got to do what She really wanted to do. On our way to the Dungeon I let her know that if she wanted to do a scene just with him, I was more than ok with us not having the time ... there would always be another opportunity for me :) ... but she made the lil pixie feel all mushy and good inside when She said no, Her and I would get to play ..... OH! YAY!! I couldnt wait!!!

We had talked in little bits and pieces during the day about negotiations for our scene. We had packed a nice bag of toys even *grins* but on the drive there we talked about her hands .. and using nothing else. Inside I lit up ... I love a spanking, I love being touched .. the feel of flesh upon flesh is simply amazing .. I said, if all you want to use is your hands, by all means .. please do. In all my years and all my scenes, no one has ever given me a real hand on butt spanking - its usually a few smacks here and there and then the toys come at me ( NOT that I am complaining!!) .... in honesty, I had never really "thought about it before" and i am not one to "top from the bottom" by saying hey .. would you please just bare hand spank me .. so its not that I was ever missing anything but after it was all said and done I thought to myself, ive always wanted this!!!

Not only did I get all that *grins* but I was kissed too (*shivers* just thinking about it again!) .. and those who follow me know what happened last time She kissed me, I got giddy ...and oooh oh oh MY! did that happen again! Of course this time it wasnt just the kisses, it was all the touching that went along with it!!

Yes Virgina, there is a santa clause :) and "She" is living right here in Arizona!