Tuesday, April 13, 2010

naked sunbathing has arrived!

This is how we started ..

This is the first time in my life Ive hads
a yard available where a pixie could lay out
NAKED in the sun! WOOHOOO

um yeah ..
except 1 side of our fence is wooden
and rickety and has peek through spots ...
On the other side of the fence is a 17yr old girl...
who rides the short bus (enough said, right?!)

There is a brick wall on another side ...
those kids peek over by jumping on their trampoline!

We decided a few weeks ago to put in some post
and build a temp cabana type deal ...

We had lots of ideas in our head but wasnt really
sure how/what we would do ..

If you follow my blog you know a few days ago
we went out and found some fabric ..
turns out to be shower curtain material lol
We got 25 yards ( yeah that is 75 feet!)
for only 1.00 a yard!!

Sir of the house did all the sewing of hems,
(you also all know what happened last time they put a tool in my hands!)

and created lil tabby-things to add down the sides
I did hold the fabric from falling off the table *grins*
and turned the tabs right side out after hemming hehe

Yesterday we got all the holes measured and drilled
and put in the eye hooks and put it up to test!!


It will be a pain to take it up and down,
but for non-creative me I think it turned out pretty damn well!!


  1. Wonderful! I love it, such a great idea!!

  2. That's totally a cool idea. We love our privacy in my backyard and my wife sunbathes naked all the time. My Irish skin can't handle it! We also have a swimming pool and an outdoor jacuzzi. Lots of good times out there. I have yet to barbecue while in the nude but maybe we'll try that soon.

  3. Looks Great! I have a tiny yard so I'll keep going to the tanning beds where I can strip naked as I wanna be (I use a strategic sock, u might guess). Plus occasionally a half-nekkid girl runs down the hall to get something from her friend & I get a peek!! Thanks for all peeks at YOU, though! HHNT xoxox