Wednesday, April 21, 2010

HNT ~ the last shot ...

This is the last moments I had with my beloved cell phone.

I took that shot, tweeted and set the phone down on the hood of the car,
so that I could put that box in my storage unit.

I drove off without picking the phone back up *sighs* I am sad.

I had another HNT shot picked out already, so clicky clicky ;)


It was one of THOSE days ..

1st I left the house to run to my storage unit, that went great, and I found JUST went I had went for. When I got back to the house (15 minutes later or so) I realized I had not locked the front door - OPS - I felt terrible, but thank goodness all was well.

Then I started cooking a grilled cheese. While doing so i realized I hadnt had my phone in my hand for a bit and thought I had better run check it ... but couldnt find it. I started running around looking for it, sent myself an email so i would hear it ding ... but .. um ...nothing.

I tweeted mom and asked her to dial me ... and I heard nothing, she comes back and tweets that its just going straight to voicemail

SHIT .. I am in a panic and run out to check my car ...all that took about 20 minutes .. when i smell the grilled cheese burning away ...

great now Ive left the house unlocked today and tried to burn it down, again thank goodess it was black, and a lil smokey but no fire actually started.

I race off to the storage unit ..praying it was there. I distinctly remember leaving it on the hood of my car - it SHOULD be in the storage unit parking lot .. right? yeah .. no .. I went back home, and then came back out 3 more times, even walking the 3 block path, hoping I would see it on the ground .. at least if it was smashed, my new 60.00 extended battery would still be there ..

cries but no .. I am guessing some twatwaffle found it on the ground and took it .. this phone has cost me more money and trouble that any phone in my 10 yr sprint history sighs

Ive been whining about it all night ... I know its 100% my fault ..but I just cant believe it happened .. Im sure everyone, specially those in the house, are tired already of hearing about it and the 100.00 I have to spend to replace it ... so after this i am just sucking up as i always have to and letting it go ...

UUUUUGGGGH I am so so so mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kicks screams cries

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

disco ball on a stick! and other pretties too!

So yes, this is as part of my "ima dork" post from earlier ..
but wanted it to have its own special attention too ..
I simply love my new pretties, and the thought behind them!

The best part, besides seeing Joan Jett, was getting to see her
with someone who I have just come to absolutely adore.
(yes yes its "Ms Who Makes me Giddy!)

She appeased the inner child in me when my eyes lit up
seeing all the cool glowy lights they had at the Festival

I wanted ...

like any kid at the carnival, I wanted the cool light toy ..
but they were always expensive and I never got one :(

Tonight was different though ...

When I said "ooh look!! pretties! I want!!"
She took my by the hand ( *smiles* I liked that part too!)
and led me through until we found where to get the pretties!

I even got 2 of them!!!

The butterfly is just way too cute!

My favorite one though, is the disco ball on a stick
It lights up and changes color patterns and I love it!!

THIS is video of my Disco Ball on a Stick!
(and yes it may be insertable hehe)

Monday, April 19, 2010

aaaah the dork in me .. giggles

soooo I found out that Joan Jett was coming to perform at the Arizona Pride Festival and I was all excited .. except 1 problem, it was a Sunday night, I didnt have anyone to ask to go with me, and we all know I am not quite ready to venture out and do something on my OWN! *gasps*

I decided, the week before the show, to throw out a post in my favorite online lifestyle community,Fetlife and ask if anyone happened to be going (that I knew! lol) in hopes I would get to go.

See, I love Joan Jett, and when I was a teenager, she was coming to our city, on my BIRTHDAY! How perfect was that!!?? We got tickets and were all set! Then .. low and behold, it turned out that the auditorium had booked Joan Jett, but also the "All City High School Music Festival" - WTF - I played the violin and that meant I was expected to be there .. I was like no way, I didnt care if I passed freaking orchestra class, but I was going to see Joan Jett - we have priorities in life - I might never get to see her, let alone on my birthday, again .. but there was always a way to make up a stupid orchestra class credit *smiles*

and what happened with that? Well the high school music festival won out on the space, I dont know if she canceled or we canceled her, but *sighs* she wasnt there for my birthday .. its been a disappointment to me for years *sniff sniff* (no im not kiddng, I told you I have quirks LOL)
I didnt go to the music festival either - I love birthdays, and there are barely a handful in 40 yrs that i can say were not celebrated "away from work/school" - I dont care if I cant 'do" anything and I just have to sit home alone, thats all right by me - its celebration of me time no matter how I spend it!

This year my 40th was awesome ....completely sidetracking to my birthday and spending it the way I want lol .. I didnt have a job, I just came back from SWLC and I was terribly heartbroken that my 40th birthday was going to be spent in the snow and cold .. it was my 40th!!! but I simply couldnt justify airfare/hotel/meals what not, for even a couple days to go anywhere -

and then Ms Universe gave me a special "Gift" .. I was able to come spend not only a couple days, but a whole week with a couple who have become very dear to me, who threw me a fabulous birthday party (Ms Universe had a hand in arranging that too!) and yeah .. that was great heheh I also got invited to come back and live with them until I get settled in Arizona!!

Anywaaaays back to why I am a dork! LOL - Only 1 person responded to me that they would go see Joan Jett with me at the Pride Festival and so woohoo I was going to get to go see Joan Jett!!! and only 2 months past my birthday LOL

Joan Jett was awesome and rocked!! Now .. while we were there, circumstance had it that my special "Gift" was going to be able to come to the concert too! YAY how much better can it get!

OH, it can just wait .. giggles - if any of this has made sense and you are still following, the couple I live with was the "Gift" Ms Universe gave me .. so we had separate cars, but were going to the same house ... no problem, I had keys (she had to go pick up the other 1/2 of them, and i would get home 1st)

I stop at taco bell on the way, and get home .. put the top up on Ms Miata, carefully walk to the door looking for any bugs (lol) .. walk in the house, get a pepsi from the fridge, go to the living room and begin to eat ...

and realize .. damn ive not peed in like 12 hours .. so down the hall i walked, dropping off my bags and new toys (omg next post for that!) in my bedroom , and off to the bathroom ...

as i am sitting there peeing .. i suddenly stopped breathing ..WTF just I just walk through part of a dark house .. and of course i heard a noise (it was the house phone beeping lol) but that was enough to make me start THINKING about that I was home alone, in the big dark house ..omg .. i sat in the lit bathroom for about 10 minutes .. and finally made my way (3 steps across) to my bedroom - i sat on the bed (with the lights on!!!) for another 25-20 minutes before I convinced myself I was being silly - at least long enough to step off the bed and put my jammies on ... and back on the bed I went!!

I didnt move from the bed again until they came home .. i didnt have a panic attack, but .. i so could have lol .. we just gotta love the dork in me *giggles*