Tuesday, April 20, 2010

disco ball on a stick! and other pretties too!

So yes, this is as part of my "ima dork" post from earlier ..
but wanted it to have its own special attention too ..
I simply love my new pretties, and the thought behind them!

The best part, besides seeing Joan Jett, was getting to see her
with someone who I have just come to absolutely adore.
(yes yes its "Ms Who Makes me Giddy!)

She appeased the inner child in me when my eyes lit up
seeing all the cool glowy lights they had at the Festival

I wanted ...

like any kid at the carnival, I wanted the cool light toy ..
but they were always expensive and I never got one :(

Tonight was different though ...

When I said "ooh look!! pretties! I want!!"
She took my by the hand ( *smiles* I liked that part too!)
and led me through until we found where to get the pretties!

I even got 2 of them!!!

The butterfly is just way too cute!

My favorite one though, is the disco ball on a stick
It lights up and changes color patterns and I love it!!

THIS is video of my Disco Ball on a Stick!
(and yes it may be insertable hehe)

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