Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It was one of THOSE days ..

1st I left the house to run to my storage unit, that went great, and I found JUST went I had went for. When I got back to the house (15 minutes later or so) I realized I had not locked the front door - OPS - I felt terrible, but thank goodness all was well.

Then I started cooking a grilled cheese. While doing so i realized I hadnt had my phone in my hand for a bit and thought I had better run check it ... but couldnt find it. I started running around looking for it, sent myself an email so i would hear it ding ... but .. um ...nothing.

I tweeted mom and asked her to dial me ... and I heard nothing, she comes back and tweets that its just going straight to voicemail

SHIT .. I am in a panic and run out to check my car ...all that took about 20 minutes .. when i smell the grilled cheese burning away ...

great now Ive left the house unlocked today and tried to burn it down, again thank goodess it was black, and a lil smokey but no fire actually started.

I race off to the storage unit ..praying it was there. I distinctly remember leaving it on the hood of my car - it SHOULD be in the storage unit parking lot .. right? yeah .. no .. I went back home, and then came back out 3 more times, even walking the 3 block path, hoping I would see it on the ground .. at least if it was smashed, my new 60.00 extended battery would still be there ..

cries but no .. I am guessing some twatwaffle found it on the ground and took it .. this phone has cost me more money and trouble that any phone in my 10 yr sprint history sighs

Ive been whining about it all night ... I know its 100% my fault ..but I just cant believe it happened .. Im sure everyone, specially those in the house, are tired already of hearing about it and the 100.00 I have to spend to replace it ... so after this i am just sucking up as i always have to and letting it go ...

UUUUUGGGGH I am so so so mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kicks screams cries

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