Thursday, April 29, 2010

It was bound to happen ...

Ive been "feeling it" for several months now, even before I moved to Arizona .. the inevitable "ive not been pulled over in about 13 yrs now, it will happen anytime now" I am a good driver. I rarely speed (hwys excluded), I obey signs and lights .. Im a courteous driver (hey they cant hear me cursing and wishing evil thoughts upon them for their stupid driving lolol )

See, I seem to get pulled over, for something silly, about once every 10 yrs or so .. The last time was Oct 97, and I was going 3 miles over the speed limit. It was a very rare 80degree day in omaha and I had the top down on my 89 ford mustang (yeah, the V8!)

I had just left a wedding, and there was a little over an hour until the reception, and we passed out local hang out bar on the way, so several of us were heading for 1 drink before the party! I was going down a road I traveled every single day, it ran in front of my apt .. and BOOM cop jumps out in front of me and I almost hit him (i was the last in the line of our bar convoy!) .. he said, do you know why I pulled you over, and I replied "because i was speeding?" I knew I was, and knew it was less than 5 miles over ...(43 in a 40!) .. anyways, he came back after running my stuff and told me "because you were being smart, im going to give you a ticket" ** eye roll ** the ticket was 5.00 more than taking the silly driver ed class thingy, so I did that and all was well

The very 1st time I was pulled over, was to get my intransits checked for legality (which they were!) .. however, the family dog had been picked up by the humane society, and he hadnt had his shots yet (because he was picked up before and caught kennel cough and we had to wait to vaccinate until he was well!!! - neighbor girl would open our gate and let him out so she could knock on the door to play with sister) ... when I get pulled over, turns out I had a warrant for my arrest, from the humane society .. it was a saturday and I spent several hours in jail until I could reach a family member to come bail me out ... (and as stupid as it sounds that I went to jail for that, it almost happened again to me in 2004 when the household dog was in our own yard with no leash, and they called him to the curb and picked him up .. I refused to pay the fine, they put a warrant out for my arrest! WTF??)

So tonight, it was a friends birthday ... she asked me to bring a couple shots of vodka to the Thursday Night Coffee. 1st off, it is freaking cold out in Az today .. I put on a turtle neck, and sweatshirt to go to coffee. 2nd, Before coffee, we went to a movie and dinner, and I had decided, I didnt want to go to coffee ... buuuuuut it was the friends bday and I promised I would go and bring her the vodka. We all know (well ok MOST of you know lol and you will now!) that I also have maryjane in my car .. I had smoked on the drive to coffee and was high as a kite (thank god it had been a good 10 minutes since I stopped and I drove with the window down!!!)

I was about to turn into coffee when BAAAM .. I see the lights start flashing in my mirror - MOTHER FUCKER .. I KNEW I had not been speeding .. but I had no idea what I had just happened .. I literally just put my new plates on the car this week and my sticker is partially covered by the new plate holder .. soooo I thought maaaaybe that was it.


The 1st thing I did was put my coat over the vodka ( it was in a fiji water bottle so it probably would have been ok!) .. then prayed you couldnt really smell anything ...

He came to my window, I was shaking like a leaf and handed him my license and registration - he asked "Do you have any guns, knives, drugs or alcohol in your vehicle" and I was like, oh no Sir .. did I do something wrong? He said I had committed a traffic violation .. I was like "oh"

He went and ran my stuff, came back and said .. you know when you go to the red light on the off ramp and turned on to blah blah street .. there are 2 signs that say "no right turn on red" - I was like, no way? I swear, i didnt see them or I would not have turned ( FUCK FUCK FUCK I KNEW about the damn signs and TOTALLY forgot .. I WAS HIGH! *giggles*) I said, I am new here, I really didnt see them, I promise I will be more careful .. He says "well it is dark, and both signs are across the street ( 5 lanes .. in the dark .. damn right I didnt see it! IM HIGH!) be more careful and have a good night and went on his merry way ...

There is the most beautiful shining full moon out tonight ( it made me cry on the way home the magic was so beautiful ) .. I thanked the Goddess that this had went off without an issues. I have had a strange bout of bad luck since 2010 began and while all of it in some way or another has been beneficial, it has sometimes been dealt in a "fuck me hard" kinda way .. I really didnt need for this lesson to go that way. It would have been bad bad bad.

So yeah, I should be good several more years again now *smiles*

Thank You Goddess!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

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