Thursday, November 19, 2009

HNT ~ a little more nekkid

continued from last week
New Years 2003

True story:
Why we should not do drugs
(er um we all least not this drug heh )

So my Sir at the time was a drummer in a band
and they had a big NYE gig at a local hotel.
My Miss and I knew we would be primping and getting ready
all day and then with the party be up all night!

They had some long time friends visiting from out of town
who said, well hey, lets make this party a lil more fun and they
whipped out some coke ( *gasps* I know! )

Id never done it before, I was miss anti drug in my school days
but now I am 33 years old and thought Im gonna try it just once -

I admit - it was fun, kept us going all day, all night


My Sir had passed out in the bed but Miss and I were
horny wanted to play! So we were in the hall between the sink
and the closet door in front of the bathroom entryway of the hotel room

She used that lovely razor blade that had been left
from the coke that morning and cut the hose right off me

omg it was like the most freaking erotic thing ever!!!

Then ...

She licked my pussy ..omg omg it was heaven


yeah no - she licked, sucked had me on the edge of cumming

for 3 -- yes THREE hours!!

no matter what we did - I couldnt actually orgasm!

now I just stick to a lil no doz *giggles*