Friday, October 15, 2010

Rare storm in Arizona!

SO While I was away on my 12 days whirlwind vacation (future post on that coming up!) we had a rare storm in Arizona - for only the 4th time in recorded history, a tropical depression made its way through.  I missed it - and was glad lol

The week I came home however .. something else struck! It was a warm sunny day ( like everyday here!) when suddenly I noticed it was getting dark out ... and within minutes the wind was WHIPPING away .. I thought, hmm, it might rain  (I was told in mid Sept that we probably wouldnt see rain again until like FEB!! WRONG!)

Next thing I know, the most wicked storm
Ive probably ever encountered struck!

As you can see, winds were so high,
our cabana blew over!! We were lucky though,
it didnt blow AWAY!

There was
lots of hail!!

I made a "hailball" 

10-15 minutes later ...

sunny blue skies again!

so we thought!

20 minutes later

it looked dark again

This is what we got the 2nd time around!
This lasted another 10-15 minutes!
No pics but it flipped our fence over!
Surpisingly though, this storm was 
not as bad as the 1st one!!

Some of the debris and toppled trees the next day!

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  1. We had a wicked storm here on Friday! A Nor'easter, and it pulled down trees and power-lines all over my province AND across the bay in my sister's province! We were pummelled! Heavy rains, screaming winds, the works.. Ours lasted pretty much a full day though, and half the night. It was wild! News said it came up across the entire easter seaboard.. A few of my NY blogger friends were writing about it a few hours before it hit me! Weird when that happens, eh? Friends in other countries, thousands of miles away, and they're having storms at the same time as me. I know it's not all that strange but it ALWAYS freaks me out! Glad y'all didn't have too much damage though, hail can really make a mess out of cars and yard stuff!