Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Light at the end of the tunnel ....

When the year started out getting fired Jan 7th,  car broke into a few days later, and one stupid ridiculous life altering event after another was happening ... I thought, what the hell life, are you serious????  At the same time, the "tragic" things happening, were all leading down a road of positive things to come .. I just needed help finding the right path!

At the beginning of the tunnel I wasnt sure there was even any light to find .. Im not sure I even wanted there to be light, maybe I could disappear into the darkness and just be done.  Some days I dont think I have the strength, mentally, emotionally or physically to keep trudging along .. and the Universe will place that "help" I need before me.

Sometimes the tunnel has multiple paths .. and there is a shimmering dim light that pulls us one way, only to find it wasnt light,  maybe just some sparkles on the wall .. and we have to back track to the opening again to find the "real light" ..  but when you do see that light, its always brilliant and amazing, it makes us grateful we held out and kept trudging along to find it

I hope everyone has been trudging along and finding their way down the path to their light and thank you to everyone who has been my guidance and help as I continue down mine!

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