Tuesday, May 19, 2009

a lil bit of spam for sprintusers.com and you could win a palm pre!

SO .. I've been a Sprint customer since 2000 and one day had a question about my phone or something and did an internet search to find the answer.... What i found was not only my answer, but an amazing forum of fellow sprint users ... SprintUsers.com

The forum is filled with a wealth of information and answers to almost every question a person could possibly have about their sprint phone or service and they offer great uploading tools as well to get wallpapers and ringtones to your phone FREE!!

i considered switching to another service once and found that there is not anything like SprintUsers.com for any other provider ( V has something but its not anywhere as near as complete and helpful as SprintUsers !! )

They have lots of great contest all the time too - the current one is giving away a plam pre!!

If you are a sprint user, this is the place for you!!!

Join TODAY!! pretty please w/a cherry on top .. you will be glad you did!!

( that is attached to my referral link because every referral gets me another contest entry!)

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