Wednesday, January 20, 2010

SWLC ~ Southwest Leather Conference

YES!! It's that time of year again when I packing to head to

Southwest Leather Conference!

It's held every January, about the 3rd weekend
and is one of the best events I attend every year!

Besides so many friends, and people I know, SWLC has
always provided me with a sense of a "welcoming" atmosphere
There are always great presenters and vendors and its just alot of fun!

As always, its less than 24 hours before my flights
and I have barely begun to pack!!

1st I had to decide on which suitecase.
Since I have to pay 20.00 (STUPID!) bucks for a bag
I decided on my BIGGEST!

Which sucks though maybe cuz it weighs the most
So may still end up switching to a smaller one!

All the fetish clothes are in there
(except shoes and accessories and toys!)

I might have to put on some "real" clothes occasionally
(the plane ride to and from?)


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