Thursday, September 10, 2009

HNT ~ pixie toes

Not the sexiest of "HNT Toes" I could come up with LOL
but I had major surgery 9 days ago and have been laid up
in bed all this time .. and have another week or two to go!

These are my "sexy" recovery toes peeking out the end of my blanket :)

Just a lil story to go with this:

I could see her toes peeking out from under the blaket, my mouth
began to instantly water .. the thought of them twisting against my tongue,
teasing and inviting .. my breath wavered in anticipation!

I crawled up along side the couch, our eyes making contact and
sending a shiver right through me. Slowly I get closer, first reaching
out to stroke my fingers along her silken skin .. I can barely contain myself.

Stroking, caressing, hands clasping around to offer a gentle massage
to each foot before I allow myself the pleasure of her taste.
As I bring her first foot closer, my tongue slips out in greeting, licking softly
up her big toe and then sucking it between my lips

i gasp a sigh of contentment ... pure heaven.



  1. Very nice!

    Recover quickly from your surgery!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.

  2. *hugs* here's to a speedier recovery!

  3. here is to a quick recovery. cute toes