Thursday, November 12, 2009

HNT ~ getting half nekkid!


This is me .. getting to the NEKKID part!
New Years 2003

Having just stepped from the shower, I stand before the mirror, admiring my body when I suddenly remembered my Mistress's request...a giddy excitement rushes over me and I run downstairs to find a candle....rummaging in a drawer I find a long purple tapered candle..perfect I think myself...quickly back up to my room, I slip into bed and light the candle. I lay back, body tingling with excitement, as the first bit of wax begins to slowly run down the candle. I already feel those twinges pulsating deep inside YOUR pussy, an ache to touch begging at me, but remembering my Mistress's demands. Never taking my gaze off the candle I hold it over my left nipple...taking a deeper breath, I tip...within a split second my nipple is being coated in the hot wax...I hold my breath, the pain sending shudders of intense pleasure all the way through me, I feel YOUR pussy begging to just throb for touch. I pull it away almost as quickly as I have tipped it...letting the pleasure sink into me for a moment before holding the candle over my right nipple. My breath has already become very shallow, my chest is heaving, my eyes are fixed on the purple wax coating me and with barely a thought I tip again...I moan out this time as the wax hits...but do not tip away quite so quickly, my free hand digging into the sheets as I fell dizzy in the ecstasy. Stopping, trying to catch my breath, now whimpering in the pleasure I feel, I close my eyes, envisioning my Mistress standing over me....I tip, letting the drops start falling between my breast..slowly moving downwards, the burning so intense, imagining it is my Mistress causing the great pain and pleasure...I can feel YOUR pussy dripping in my sweet juices, throbbing with such an ache, feeling the pools of my pleasures building deep within...feeling the wax hot and dripping down my sides, I began to writhe, the pain exquisite, but pain all the same...I pause just above my clit, hesitant to the pain, yet longing for it with great passion, my breaths have become quick and deep, I can feel my body arching towards the candle, begging for it.....and I tip....the sudden hot wax dripping onto my throbbing clit making me cry out, yeeessssss Mistresssssssss, letting more and more drip, feeling it burn, feeling me twitching and aching for more, resisting with everything in me not to reach down and touch with my other hand, my whole body trembling, I let it go for what seems like forever and just cant take any more....I pull the candle away, as waves of ripping pleasure ravish me, my body, exploding with intensity, releases...I cry out thank you Mistress, oohh thank you.............I can feel the cooling, yet still warm wax dripping between my lips, coating YOUR pussy, mixing with my cum....panting, gasping for some air, I open my eyes, staring down at the trail of deep purple wax, again, the mixed feeling of pleasure and pain surrounding my senses......somewhere in that I had blown out the candle ........thinking I have been good, YOUR pussy still aching in desire, I slide it over me, gently parting my lips, feeling the wax separating, I slowly insert it, feeling my walls instantly grasping, my thighs clenching around it...I savor each of the 10 wonderful thrust of the candle you have allowed me, moaning thank you Mistress with each one.....Removing the candle, I lick my lips, anticipating the sweet taste, bringing it to them, I stick my tongue out, running the candle over it, sighing at the heavenly sweet taste, sucking every drop, I lay exhausted , thinking I may need to take another shower now...



  1. Oh today is just turning out to be an HNT Bonanza ! Very Nice Pixie :-)

  2. OOOOO....looks like great fun!

  3. Great picture!
    And I love the writing.

    Getting hot in here.

  4. Wow...HOT HNT! That razor just scares the bejeezus outta me!