Tuesday, November 10, 2009

the single pixie and cravings ..

When I first came into the lifestyle I had been separated from a cheating husband. After 2 yrs alone I randomly crossed paths with a Female Dominant and it was magic. Besides some brief encounters Id not had a girlfriend before, and not a real time Dominant who just want into kinky sex, but the whole lifestyle. She was married and I was able to fully experience the poly lifestyle as well. I thought life was grand, how much better could it be! It couldnt :( and unfortunately while there was about 4 yrs of "perfect bliss" there was about 2 yrs of spiral downhill tailspins. It was one of those situations where I knew I needed to leave, but was faithful to my collar and my position .. Lucky for me ( ? ) she had a melt down one day and threw me out and that was the end of that ...

I then, for a combined but not consecutive 3 years, spent time with a dear friend whose collar I wore, but it was strictly a 'service submissive" status -

and now its been like 5 yrs and ive not had sex ... or even physical contact ( other than scenes, usually at public events ) with anyone.

Lately I've noticed a real craving, a longing, a desire .. omg I want thrown up against the wall and ravished!! Im not really generally one to have "fantasies" as I see them leading to expectations. However, walking through the mall the other day, I was feeling pretty, sexy ... and this beautiful Woman walked passed me and next thing I know my head has us in the bathroom, Her pushing the stall open and just taking me right there .. I was like .. DAMN pixie you do need to get some lol

I've been seeing all these wonderful relationships, of many types, spewed across twitter at me for weeks and I realize, I miss that ( and honest? more than the sex really )

I've never been one to "pursue" I've never dated anyone, I always just kinda ended up in relationships .. and to be honest, I am really not sure how to go about this whole thing ...

but will see what happens .. I'll keep you updated :)


  1. I can't imagine going that long with out sex. When I was younger and fell into marriage, I don't recall ever really looking or seeking a partner. Being single and more mature I am not sure exactly how I manage, but I have men in and out of my life in addition to a nice girlfriend that at times shares my adventures. If you are looking around, you might try Craigslist, Plenty of Fish, or even Collar Me.... Good luck getting your groove on girl!!!