Monday, February 8, 2010

I did it and I am still alive ...

This has been an interesting new year for me. Maybe somewhat (haha) unwillingly, I have been making lots of change. Well, I guess not all of it is change, perhaps its a momentary growth, but even in the simplest of things, such as I ate spinach in an omlette today, its quite big for me.

YES! OH MY GOD I ate spinach. I am staying at someones house, and I ASKED if I could. I got up and peed at 5am. I went to the park with one of my host. I attended an event "alone". I played in fire. I talked to people on the phone. I went way beyond any play Ive even been in before - Isnt it pretty!

The list really goes on and on and on right now ... and guess what. I am still alive. Breathing (although sometimes rapidly in a panic lol). And wanting more *smiles*

The time is now

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