Saturday, April 10, 2010

I ventured out .. again!

I made it out to a 2nd coffee this week ... YES! 2 in a row, can you believe it? I had sorta planned on going, but then we had a busy day, and was in the middle of sewing (haha ok ok I was only holding the fabric, P was using the machine!) and had decided I wouldnt go because miss made me giddy didnt want to go.

We had plans on Thursday to go get fabric for the cabana type cover we are making so that we can naked sunbathe in the backyard and prevent kids on trampolines from jumping up to look over the wall. We checked 2 stores 1st and both were closed/out of business! - damn - but we had a 3rd store that several people had recommended. At 1st we walked through it and didnt find what we were looking for, but had settled on some fabric we thought would work - and was 2.99 a yard - we needed 25 yards! As the lady was cutting our fabric we walked around a bit more and POOF right in front of us was the same color fabric we picked out, but was only 1.00 a yard! SOLD - it turns out this is the "pretty part" of a shower curtain - making it a lil more water resistant perhaps - the lady was nice even after cutting the other fabric she let us switch.

We then had my 1st lunch at Joe's Crab Shack .. OMG YUM! I had some amazing pasta, in a yummy alfredo sauce w/shrimp .. I will definitely go back sometime for the crab!!

After getting home we decided on how to cut the fabric - 25 yards, for those that do not know, is 75 feet .. there was A LOT of fabric! 3 of the panels are over 160 inches wide lol and 2 were just over 50, and we decided all needed hemmed to protect the edges. P was our sewer and it was funny as at one point he asked of I wanted to take over ... I laughed and reminded him about what happened last time they handed me a "power tool", he quickly decided it was not worth the risk of me breaking the sewing machine ..

After several hours we still had one (the longest!) panel to go .. and it was after the start of coffee time so I asked, can we finish tomorrow .. Id like to go to coffee .. and YAY it was ok!

I still am not really "enjoying" coffee ... it was nice that the roomies came and I had someone else to sit with .. a couple times ive been ive found myself sitting or standing alone and I get very uncomfortable. I do enjoy afterwards that several of us go out to eat and Ive got them going to my favorite place, Village Inn!! YUMMY pancakes and hot fudge sundaes!! (thats another post some day in and of itself! lol) but its still getting used to trying to be social.

Friday when we tried to finish that last panel it was nothing but grief .. running out of bobbin thread, running out of thread in general, the machine jammed twice .. P said, if we had just finished last night it would have taken 15 minutes and we would have been done .. yay me for making things more difficult again :( .. i also at coffee repeated something i shouldnt really have and that sent me right back into the "I am doing everything wrong" state .. it just makes me think being social is not such a good idea afterall ...

we will see ... for now I am going to shut down, shut up .. id like to recluse away but I have to go to Bizarre Bizaar today. I dont really want to anymore, I was excited, but am afraid of how the day will turn out now .. this is typical for me when anything comes up. I hate it, but its just how I am wired.

Details this week on how that all goes!

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