Thursday, May 27, 2010

HNT ~ Ballet Day

For many years I had a best friend ..
(things happened we are not bestest anylonger)

She has 2 little girls, who are as close to
"my kids" as I will ever get...
(and I miss terribly)

The girls are in ballet and every Sunday,
before Memorial Day, they have a big recital!

Because of my move to Arizona,
This will be the 1st year I've missed, in 10 ...

So in honor of missing the recital, my HNT
is a pic of me in my new dress I wore last year :)

(clicky click click)

and a lil treat to go along with :)
(strawberries and cream anyone?)

Happy HNT!



  1. fronty pic: cute

    clicky pic: berrylicious

    hhnt, babes

  2. I love the dress! Those sandals go very good with strawberries as well!! Happy HNT darling ~xo!

  3. Lovely dress! And sexy clicky...

  4. Love the dress! But the click-thru is quite sexy!
    Happy HNT!

  5. You are SO fun to read! And believe in the dress is just lovely.