Saturday, May 29, 2010

omg Im sick!

So for the first time in 3 winters, I think I got a cold ... I've thought for the last 3 days that I had allergies. I had spent 2 days out in the 1/2 acre yard raking all the dried up dead stuff that I helped cut down weeks earlier. As I had been raking there was lots and lots of dirt dust and debris that came up and I breathed in.

At the end of the 1st day ( it was like 3 hours each day is all lol) I had an itchy nose and throat. By the end of the 2nd day I had an even more itchy nose and throat, as well as water eyes and runny nose. I showered, went to walmart and got me some Claritin - which did absolutely nothing for me. I got it because it was cheaper than the Zyrtec that I really wanted..

when I woke up the 3rd day I felt like someone had pulled my soul right out of my body. I did almost nothing but lay on the couch. I went to Walgreens 1st thing and got me some of their brand Zyrtec-D - this has the sudafed stuff in it so that it clears the congestion. I didnt have to much of a cough, just the stuffy nose and throat (lots of spit ew!) and feeling completely drained. I went from hot to hotter ... could barely sleep and was just miserable.

Day 4 wasnt much better, but a little ... until I made the mistake of eating. Omelette with salmon, mushrooms, onions, spinach .. it was yum! the 4 bites I had anyways .. then my tummy felt a lil off, so I forced a couple more bites in and stopped. about oh, 6 hours later those few bites came right back up .. I had been feeling more nauseated than usual and sure enough I was suddenly running to kneel before the porcelain god ... ugh .. then my tummy was upset almost all night long.

Today, Day 5, I still feel a little drained but I have managed (with a box of tissues) to clear out the congestion, no more sniffling sneezy nose or soar throat. Ive noticed that my pain meds, which had Tylenol in them, makes me feel a bit better too ...

I feel good enough that I am venturing out to the mall to have lunch with MsMakesmeGiddy :)

Im hoping it really was just allergies not a cold, but whatever it was I do not want it again!!

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  1. I am on Day 6 of the exact same thing and I'm only now starting to breathe again and get my appetite back... UGH. Loves to you my Pretty One, feel better soon ♥