Thursday, May 13, 2010

I really sometimes hope my mother doesnt read this ..

HAHA cuz I am about to talk about something ... personal lol See .. for the 1st time in a long time, I am, well, how shall we say it .. bluntly I guess, horny. Ms Makes me Giddy has now done more than make me giddy .. She has aroused me, oh my! Ive never been one to shy away from daily masturbation, but lately, its several times .. and what I thinking about?? Her! YUP and the play time/scenes we've had together .. its just been so fucking HOT for me *grins* and I think She is enjoying it too!

I've kinda told her that I am excited about this aroused state she has put me in .. I've explained I have no expectations from anything we do together, or might do together *grins* but that I am thoroughly enjoying Her touching and teasing and little kisses *smiles and blushes*

One of my issues is .. initiating .. for some reason I seemed to lose the ability to initiate, anything, especially anything that might be in sexual context. I did go waaaay out on a limb and sent Her a naughty text last week ... I had been accused of being a flirt several weeks before and denied that, and so when She came home and commented on the text, I said "that is me flirting" .. but beyond that, I am kinda stuck .. submissive to a fault I am.

but .. smiles ... I think somewhere along the line, as the arousal overtakes my every thought process, I will put myself out there and at least flirt better, if I can get any initiating done lol, or maybe She will reach that passion and just be the initiater ...but I think being the Dominant, there is lesson here for Her to teach me in making me be the one to do it lol EVERYTHING is always a learning and growing process .. geesh lol

anyways ... off to visit Mr Hitachi and hoping he doesnt buzz loud enough to be heard 2 rooms over!! *hehe*


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  2. It sounds deliciously exciting though, anticipation, decadent arousal, blissful!