Wednesday, June 30, 2010

HNT ~ pasties

*giggles* This was a pic I found taken at Southwest Leather 2010 - I was putting on pasties to complete my outfit - you cant see it here, but they are little leather cups, with handcuffs hanging from them! I thought they would be too heavy but they lasted all night ....

(clicky click click)

or at least until I pulled them off ... this happened to be the night I had my 1st fire play experience and I had to remove them for that lol

AND I was made giddy with a kiss by the one I now refer to MsWhoMakesmeGiddy *grins*

also unbeknowenst to me .. this would be the 1st night that the seed to move to AZ was planted in my head ... 5 weeks later I was here!



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  1. My god you're braver than I! That looks soo hot, literally and figuratively! Happy HNT!