Sunday, June 27, 2010

nipple dancing ...

Sooooo as many of you know, I was a rope demo girl for Midori, at Fascinations, here in Phoenix AZ this past weekend. It was simply fanfuckingtastic amazing!!! Saturday night we thought we would try a few things we learned from Midori, and this is what happened!!

Before we shot the video we had been doing this lil scene, and the whole room was laughing so hard, some were in tears .. so out came the video phone lol

**Please note - its 4 minutes long, we didnt turn on the light until about 1/2 way through, and then we dimmed them (yeah silly us I know) so watch it all or fast forward a bit, it's not the greatest video but what you can see is pretty funny ...

It was just so much fun!! I did end up with some rope burn, OW (and maybe not in a good way LOL) but it was all for the good of the cause *giggles*

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