Friday, January 29, 2010

Pixies Giddy

SOOO .. Ok some of you have read my previous post where I just got done saying "I systematically removed poeple.things from my life" to try and eliminate future hurts. How's that working you might ask? Well, up until a week ago, it was fine and dandy. Then I was kissed. A simple sweet little kiss ... and that was the end of that.

I just spent another magical weekend at SWLC. There I was swept up in the WOO WOO and for the first time in a long time, I was getting attention. I liked it. At one point, I realized I liked it to much. I voiced outloud, no more of this Pixie Lee. You are just setting yourself up. ENJOY it, but do not get lost in the giddiness of it.

Yeah ... that lasted until the different offenders started texting, IMing, emailing me .. and then I would forget the enjoy part and move right to the giddy. Especially for one particular person.

It wasnt planned. It hadnt at any time crossed my mind. It was strange that I would even be in the place and time that I was that it happened. I had no idea it could, let alone would! The whole evening was like that really. Ms Universe can play in mysterious ways!

Now, normally I would never in a million years tell someone they had made me giddy, but some how I got roped into doing just that, by someone else. I was just writing a simple thank you for your hospitality email. I often have a tendency to write emails, say things, then delete them. But I was told no, go back and tell, so, I did. Now, omg the person KNOWS!! SHIT!!! NO WAY I will ever be able to talk to them again. but ... yet, thats exactly what I wanted to do.

OK once again, I told myself .. no pixie, you just so cant do this. Enjoy it, dont attach to it.

Then what do I do????? SHAMELESSLY FLIRT!!!! Oh Yes *smiles* I even asked please, when they asked for more giddiness. yes, yes I did.

*smiles* Then perhaps quite innocently, maybe it was quite intentional!, they referenced me as "little one" and I swear I crawled right out of my enjoy skin, back into my tummy dropping, squeeeeeeeeeeee , giddiness skin!!

Im very aware of it, and very prepared to be ok with ENJOY, but for as long as they keep exploiting my giddiness, who am I to deny it??? RIGHT??? *laughs*

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