Friday, January 29, 2010

Roleplay .. or being the real me

One of the prolific kinks in the BDSM lifestyle is Role Play. That can of course cover a wide range of kinks between consenting adults.

I've never really done any role play in the context of kink however. I want to. I think. I mean, there are definite things in my head I would like to explore, and some of that would involve role play, however, I just do not know .. how. I am afraid I would giggle through the entire scene!

When I was at a conference recently, one of the presenters, a Dominant and their slave, talked about how they had went through some of that. One day the Dom just informed the slave, tomorrow we are doing puppy play, leaving the slave no time to really research or gather information on how this task would be carried out (which normally as I understood was a natural thing for them to normally do!)

That "not knowing how" is kind of my issue. Ive never done it, Ive not really ever seen anyone else do it, I dont even know where to begin!

Then someone said to me "pixie, your whole life is role play. Perhaps you just need to be you, and you will find that whats in your head just comes out naturally" I was like, wow, that almost makes sense!! So, we will see what comes of that :)

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